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Curious about developments in Christian history and doctrine?

The How Did We Get? curriculum explores six topics:

  • How did we get to the doctrine of the Trinity
  • How did we get to the doctrine that Jesus was fully human and fully divine?
  • How did we get to the doctrine of original sin
  • How did we get to the doctrine of justification by faith?
  • How did we get to a distinction between Judaism and Christianity?
  •  How did we get to theological liberals and conservatives?

Have you ever wondered why Christians, perhaps yourself included, affirm certain doctrines? Or maybe you have wondered why Christians and Jews separated into distinct religions or why theological liberals and conservatives so seldom attend the same churches. This curriculum provides an introduction to these topics and offers reflections on their ongoing relevance for Christians today. 

Commissioned and sponsored by
The Congregational Church United Church of Christ, Rochester, MN.